Sunday, January 17, 2010

Song Stuck In My Head This Week - 17th January '10 - Martin Bradford Gago - Numbers

This weeks song is by an artist who I discovered at the local acoustic night I go to on a Sunday. His voice and lyrics totally won me over the first time I heard him (plus he does a brilliant line in cover versions too).

I've found that there are so many talented people out there who aren't getting noticed and it makes me sad. I wish we could have our own modern-day music revolution like they did back in the 60's with pirate radio stations like Radio Caroline that played music that the people wanted to hear and not what they were told that they should like. Today any radio station is determined by a combination of what the producers think is 'cool' and what the record labels decide the radio stations producers should allow them to play. Every week shows like 'X-Factor' and 'American Idol' are pumped into millions of homes, brainwashing them to believe that whoever wins is the person they should be buying and the latest 'hot talent'.

The truth is that, though these people can sing, they are generally going to be in the spotlight for the briefest time before the next season of the show starts and everyone moves on to the next person.

The fact that people power saw Rage Against The Machine get the UK Christmas number 1 over the X-Factor winner made me feel that there is a public shift in the right direction - wanting something more than Simon Cowell's latest product - but we still have a way to go before the movement back towards it being what the public decide is 'cool' that influences what we see and hear but I have no doubts that it will happen.

In the meantime why not go out, discover local artists that are doing stuff that you want to hear, regardless of genre, and support them...share them with others...get them out there and heard by people who may then like them too and carry it on.

In the meantime, if you do like the music in the video of Martin that I'll post after the lyrics then please go and buy his new EP 'The Sound Of Her Wings' on amazon And Martin, If I've got any lyrics wrong then I'm sorry....but I had to work them out for myself!!!

Hope you all enjoy it!!

Martin Bradford Gago - Numbers

I see your contour
As you stand in the door
And I smoke this cigarette
Pebble dash and creepers
Am I just a creep or
An old flash in pans
It's just a moment that passes
But the closest thing that
I've felt to love in years

We're numbers in time

And the beauty of speed
Is present at my dashboard
This posse I take with me
In my travels
I disintegrate
But I feel animated
I'll sing just one note
But it's only for you

And this set of concepts
That runs through my sick head
Not vulgar I promise
But not suitable but
I look in your eyes
And I always hold close
And I won't look away
No I can't look away

And the most absurd thing that I ever did see
Was when a chick met a crow
And the crow she did flee
And that chick she is beautiful
But she can't be free
And the night holds a place
That you never will see

Never will see
You never will see
You never will see
You never will see
You never will see
You never will see
Never will see it

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