Saturday, March 12, 2011

Song Stuck In My Head This Week - 12th March '11 - The Darkness - Friday Night

For the last week I have been awash with happiness and joy at the pending return of The Darkness. I'd always held out hope that the fuzzy & adorable drummer boy, the sexy stone god, the tache-bearing legend and the catsuit wearing genius would return, and it seems my faith in that hope was not in vain.

Now the wheels are in motion and the Darklings are regrouping in readiness for the return of the mothership it made me reflect on those happy, heady days of '03 & '04. From cooking my left shoulder to a crisp at Knebworth in '03 after losing my friends and the sunblock just so I could be near the front for The Darkness's support slot when I went to see Robbie Williams (I didn't mind where I was for his set after that!!). Seeing Justin 'flying' round the ceiling at Wembley Arena in '04. All the meet-ups with fellow Darklings. Getting dressed up and all OTT for a TV taping thing - I don't even remember what it was for now - which took place at the top of a very tall building near Earl's Court and standing on a balcony with other Darklings from all over the UK looking out at the view of London at night. So many happy times.

My favourite moment of all, however, has made the choice for this week's song so simple. In December of '03 I went to see The Darkness play at Brixton Academy. That night was the first time I had met up with fellow Darklings and so I was a bit shy and nervous at first but, before I knew it, I had been incorporated into the plans for 'Friday Night'.

The plan, admittedly, was quite simple. At the appropriate moments during the song items relating to the lyrics would be lobbed at the stage (thankfully they decided not to lob anything related to the line 'archery on Thursday' as it could've proved painful). So we were split into groups and given our specific 'props'. I was in the 'ping-pong' group while the other group were armed with playing cards (I think there was a group armed with shuttlecocks too but don't quote me on it!). It was so much fun feeling like part of a little 'gang' and, as we scattered ourselves around the venue and awaited our moment it left me feeling excited and full of joy. Now every time I hear the song it always reminds me of that fun night.

I look forward to what the future brings in this second coming of The Darkness and can only hope for more happy memories to come along with it.

Hope you all enjoy this weeks song and I'll catch you all next week!!

The Darkness - Friday Night

Hey you!
Do you remember me
I used to sit next to you at school
We indulged in all the extra-curricular activites
We weren't particularly cool

Monday cycling
Tuesday gymnastics
Dancing on a Friday night
I got Bridge Club on Wednesday
Archery on Thursday
Dancing on a Friday night

Hey you!
Could you ever fall for me
The way I fell for you
And do you dwell upon the thoughts that I occupy
Or do you give yourself things to do?

Monday rowing
Tuesday badminton
Dancing on a Friday night
I got ping pong on Wednesday
Needlework on Thursday
Dancing on a Friday night
With you, with you

Monday, Tuesday
Wednesday, Thursday
Dancing on a Friday night
Let the music smother me
Whole weekend recovery
Dancing on a Friday night

See the lady I adore
Dancing on the dancing floor
Dancing on a Friday night
God, the way she moves me
To write bad poetry
Dancing on a Friday night
With you.

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