Saturday, August 29, 2009

Song Stuck In My Head This Week - 29th August '09 - Cilla Black - I've Been Wrong Before

Now, for most people of my generation (in the UK at least) and some from even before that, Cilla Black isn't exactly the 'coolest' of people to like. Most of my generation associate her with nice, but fairly unexciting, Saturday night tv from our childhoods. Now while I will also acknowledge that her vocal style will not be to everyone's taste I was quite pleasantly surprised, when I first heard some of her stuff, at how much I liked her work.

Admittedly, the people who were around her at the time may have had a little to do with how amazing she was. Managed by Brian Epstein (yes, the one who managed The Beatles) having been introduced to him by John Lennon (yes, the Beatle) and produced by George Martin (do I really need to keep explaining now?? ;-P), Cilla was having songs written for her by Lennon & McCartney as well as recording songs written by people such as Randy Newman (who wrote this week's song), Phil Spector, Tim Hardin & Burt Bacharach. At one point she was doing so well even Elvis Presley was known to have one of her records on his personal jukebox in Graceland!!

Though, eventually, she turned away from solely recording music and entered the world of film (briefly) and then tv, her music still pops up from time to time, like the Ferrero Rocher advert that ran a year or so ago in the UK. She also appeared in pantomime last Christmas in Liverpool where she performed some of her songs as part of the production.

So here's a little Cilla for you, performing on Shindig in 1965! Hope you all have a lovely weekend!!

Cilla Black - I've Been Wrong Before

The night we met
The night that I won't forget
You seemed what I'd been waiting for
But baby, I've been wrong before

You held me tight
And everything seemed just right
I couldn't ask for me
But baby, I've been wrong before

He used to smile at me
And a-hold my hand like you do
Then he left me
And a-broke my heart in two

I see your face
And feel your warm embrace
You're all that I adore
But baby, I've been wrong before

Oh baby, I've been wrong before

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Philip said...

Cilla Black at her pop best is unassailable. This song is one of her greatest vocal interpretations and I can quite understand why you have selected it. It's a great shame that Cilla's later TV presenter work has overshadowed her remarkable singing career of the 60s and early 70s.