Saturday, October 31, 2009

Song Stuck In My Head This Week - 31st October '09 - Nick Drake - Fly

Nick Drake is someone whose music has played in the home I live in over the years but whose work I never really paid attention to until this January when I randomly bought the album 'Bryter Layter' (I liked the cover)and instantly fell in love with his music.

Dying in 1974 aged only 26, Nick Drake only produces 3 studio albums - all of which sold no more than 5,000 each on original release. However, over the years his influence and popularity has grown and, after the title track of his final album 'Pink Moon' was used in a Volkswagen advert in 2000, he sold more copies of his albums in that year than he had sold in total over the previous thirty years!!

Though his career and life were brief, his influence is still felt by musicians today and he certainly deserves his place in any list of the most influential artists of all time.

If you haven't heard his stuff before I truly recommend you check him out!


Nick Drake - Fly

Please give me a second grace
Please give me a second face
I’ve fallen far down the first time around
Now I just sit on the ground in your way

Now if it’s time for recompense for what’s done
Come, come sit down on the fence in the sun
And the clouds will roll by
And we’ll never deny
It’s really too hard
For to fly

Please tell me your second name
Please play me your second game
I’ve fallen so far for the people you are
I just need your star for a day

So come, come ride in my street-car by the bay
For now I must know how fine you are in your way
And the sea sure as I
But she won’t need to cry
For it’s really too hard
For to fly

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