Saturday, November 7, 2009

Song Stuck In My Head This Week - 07th November '09 - Tim Curry - I'm Going Home

Musicals are, generally speaking, based on high quality songs (though I'm sure there's bound to be the odd musical that bucks this notion!!). One of my favourites is 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'. With catchy songs like 'The Timewarp' that have stuck in people's heads for almost 35 years now, It has all the essentials of a good, traditional musical but with a contemporary setting that appeals to those who may not be so keen on other musicals.

I have always loved 'I'm Going Home' above all other songs from Rocky Horror as it's a song that can mean a lot in any context and not just within the setting of Rocky Horror. It's such a beautiful song and always reminds me of where I want to be and how much I miss it.

Hope you all enjoy it (especially those of you who may not have heard it before cos I'm sure Rocky Horror must've passed someone by out there in 'net land!)

Tim Curry - I'm Going Home

On the day I went away... goodbye...
Was all I had to say... now I...
I want to come again and stay... Oh my my...
Smile, and that will mean that I may

Cause I've seen blue skies, through the tears
In my eyes
And I realise.. I'm going home.

Everywhere it's been the same... feeling...
Like I'm outside in the rain... wheeling...
Free, to try and find a game... dealing...
Cards for sorrow, cards for pain

Cause I've seen blue skies through the tears
In my eyes
And I realise.. I'm going home.

I'm going home, I'm going home.

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