Saturday, November 14, 2009

Song Stuck In My Head This Week - 14th November '09 - The Bee Gees - Massachusetts

When you say 'The Bee Gees' it almost inevitably will conger up thoughts of falsetto vocals and disco tunes performed by the three Gibb brothers, Robin, Barry and their late brother Maurice. You wouldn't be wrong in thinking about just that era as it was certainly one of the significant parts of their career, however their early music is always worth a listen.

Back in the late 60s they were actually a five-piece band with Vince Melouney on lead guitar and Colin Petersen on drums to help fill out the brothers sound (Barry played the rhythm guitar and Maurice played the bass in addition to backing up Robin who did the bulk of the vocals) and the band had a lot of early support from the Beatles manager, Brian Epstein.

This week's song was a track that Epstein had told Maurice Gibb would be a hit mere days before he (Epstein) died....and he wasn't wrong as it was their first UK number one single.

This song is beautiful and Robin's vocals are just great for this song. I hope you all enjoy it!!

The Bee Gees - Massachusetts

Feel I'm goin' back to Massachusetts,
Something's telling me I must go home.
And the lights all went down in Massachusetts
The day I left her standing on her own.

Tried to hitch a ride to San Francisco,
Gotta do the things I wanna do.
And the lights all went down in Massachusetts
They brought me back to see my way with you.

Talk about the life in Massachusetts,
Speak about the people I have seen,
And the lights all went down in Massachusetts
And Massachusetts is one place I have seen.

I will remember Massachusetts...

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